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Dr. Mark Montgomery
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High Performance Coaching, Consulting and Mentoring

How Can We Help You?
We are  Virtual Assistants, Speakers, and Coaches that partner with dental practices around the world to help them streamline their business and become more profitable.
Personal Consult
A personal consult is a service we provide to determine your current status and your readiness to change.

Doctor Retreat
Join us for 2-3 days of reviewing your current status and exploring your desires and skills, where we can develop a path forward. 
  • Profitability for the private practice
  • ​Cash Flow Control
  • ​Team Selection
  • ​Team Training and Engagement
  • ​Building a Reputation and Culture that exceeds even your Google reviews
  • ​Managing Change through a systematic process
  • ​Getting Bold Ambitious Results for your goals
  • ​Implementing a simple system for achieving Results. 
Live Seminars
Attend presentations as a way to learn some new ideas, reinforce your commitment to your team and your knowledge, and to clarify your approach to your future and your quality of life.
Team Coaching
Team development is the area that many doctors and teams are aching for, since team work is critical for practice excellence. Trust, respect, engagement, appreciation.

Our Mission

We are committed to revolutionizing the healthcare industry by implementing our Airway Focused Wellness approach with a medical dental collaboration to up-level our care for patients to receive cutting-edge dentistry and medicine for overall wellness. 

We know this is the future of healthcare and we are leading the way forward through values driven teams and relationship centered care.

We are the ambassadors for comprehensive wellness, medical care and dental care.
What Practices Are Saying

Lisa Baines

Baines Dental Wellness

I am happy to give you my thoughts on Mark and Dee Dee! 

I have recommended them to my colleagues and can't imagine practicing without them at this point. My contract is up with them next month and I will be renewing it. I practice comprehensive dentistry in a fee for service practice. Before Mark and Dee, I presented a lot of full arch treatment, both implants (like all-on-4 and locators) and natural teeth/ smile rehabilitation, but only performed about 3 full cases a year. The first month after we trained with Mark and Dee Dee, I had 3 full mouth patients accept treatment. $110,000 for those 3 cases. Now I regularly have at least 1 to 2 full mouth cases a month. 

I love how available Mark and Dee Dee make themselves to not only me, but my team as well. This happens through text, email, ZOOM coaching calls and visits to my office. They are committed to helping me create a cohesive team and build systems that are predictable. My team is able to work effectively since they have the proper verbiage and skills.

I highly recommend both of them.

Lincoln Parker

Parker Dentistry

Working with Dee Dee has been everything to my practice. Her ability to pinpoint specific issues and give specific instructions is terrific. She is honest and straightforward, she does her research, and speaks from experience.

After working with Dee Dee, my confidence has grown tremendously and my ability to tackle difficult case presentations has increased as well. She has a passion and commitment for high quality, relationship based dentistry. Because of that passion, she has the ability to pinpoint the exact needs in case presentation, leadership skills, and practice systems to create a practice that you control rather than the other way around.

What I have learned from her is how to relate to patients, open up and have honest dialogue with patients, and transform the dental experience for our team and patients. She is constantly improving and growing and continues to bring new ideas to the table. It is hard to get in a rut with Dee Dee and that is what I love about her!

Rachel Smith, RDH

Treatment Coordinator/Consultant

I have had the pleasure to have Dee Dee Reid as a co-worker and as an inspiration! She and I met in 2010 in a progressive practice in North Dallas. At this time in my career I was frustrated by all of the broken practices that were in my past. Dee Dee implemented procedures in that practice that really worked and created a team environment. The key to that was strong leadership and willingness from everyone to be successful.

Dee Dee is always looking to learn and improve herself and therefore anyone in contact with her will have the ability to reap the benefits from her passion. The best part is she walks the walk.

 Most consultants are speaking to you from working in a practice years before. Dee Dee is honing her skill by staying in active practice. I am honored to call her a friend and inspiration!
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